Dawn Island Open House

Posted on 三月 - 05 - 2017
Date: 26 May 2018 / 13 Oct 2018 / 24 Nov 2018
Time: 8:45am (Gathering at Sai Kung Pier)
9:15am (On board from the Sai Kung Pier)
3:15pm (On board from the Dawn Island)
4:00pm (Dismiss)
Activities: Sharing Time、Travelling the Dawn Island
(Let’s visitors understanding the harm of the drug abuse)
Fee: HK$85 (Ship fee only)
Contact Person: 2714-2434 (Miss Chan Kam Lee)
Email: openday@opdawn.org.hk
Remark: Bring your own meal and drink
Download: Application Form
Please download and fill up the application form, and send back to the staff of Operation Dawn office (Miss Chan Kam Lee). She will confirm your application by phone. The confirmation letter and visiting reminders will be sent to the applicants before one month of the open house

Responses from our Previous Open-House Day Guests

Miss Chan: Even though the Open-House Day was very hot, I greatly appreciated the effort that OD put in to make this day memorable. My Child and I amply enjoyed the message sharings given by the drug rehabilitators, staff and pastors, I am quite sure that my child has already learned the harm of drug abuse. I am grateful to OD for setting aside such a wonderful day for us, the Open House Day guests. I am glad to meet a former addict succeeded in kicking the drug habit on Dawn Island. Notwithstanding, he has suffered all sorts of hardships setbacks in order to achieve his drug-free status. May all the thanks, gratitude be to our God who has done miracles on the dwellers of the Island. When I asked how the daily life on the island was in general, unexpectedly, one recovered addict replied “absolutely fulfilling, God bless you!”

Cheng: I have seen a recovered addict, he does not look like a former abuser at all.

Mei Qing: It’s very moving and touching during the message-sharing time.

Simon Kung: It is very encouraging that Gospel Rehabilitation on Dawn Island is a success and reproducible.

Caroline Ting: I now have a better understanding of Operation Dawn.

Mon Ito: It is very inspiring to listen to recovered addicts’ triumphant stories over the drugs. I also enjoyed touring the island very much indeed.

Ah Ying: I now know, it is the Greater Power from our God who makes the impossible possible – forever keeping the recovered addicts away from illegal drugs.

King Fung: The Drug Rehabilitators share their painful kicking the drug experience with stark candor.