Social Enterprises

Posted on 三月 - 21 - 2016

In 2015 our Operation Dawn established two social enterprises (SE) with the hope to offer jobs and new-life opportunity to our graduates.  Besides having got the talents to run the business, our workers (students) also have got the zeal to rejoin the society at large after finishing the gospel rehab.  We know what we are doing are by no means either some sort of magic bullet act or something taken straight out of a fairy tale.  Please patronize our SE for by so doing, you may unknowingly help our students steadily recuperate in their recovering journey.

I.     Morning Star Motorcycle Limited

Date established : January 17, 2015

Scope of Business :

1.     Sale of brand-new or pre-owned motor bikes of all makes
2.     Scheduled maintenance services
3.     Genuine parts replacement services
4.     Our hard-working team will do their best to keep your motor bikes in the tip-top conditions.

II. Mark Services Company Limited
Date of inaugurated : July 2015
Scope of Services :
1. To keep the solar panels erected by CLP clear of weeds, bushes and any other vines.