Food Voluntary Group

We believe Operation Dawn is a Gift bestowed upon Rev. John Paul Chan forty some years ago. Through this organization, Pastor Chan was able to help liberate the ones trapped, slaved and bondaged by drugs. And via God’s might, the concept that “ Rely Neither on Medicine, Nor Self, but Christian Therapy .” is possible and true in drug rehabilitation, which also allows one to have a new release on life, if carried out faithfully and truthfully. Its ultimate goal is to make drug addicts new creations. This fulfillment not only glorifies God, but also does good to people.


In the parable of “ assigning task according to one’s talent ” in the Gospel of Matthew, Dawn Island is the “ Five thousand talents silver” challenge to our volunteers as to how to use this imaginary or figurative resource to help drug addicts of all sorts on the island and in the Girl Centre.

Why F.O.O.D.
Gathering people of all walks of life whose visions are the same as those of OD’s and through prayers and free-will giving of money or talents. We all work towards the same common goals. To that end, God’s wonderful deeds and might can be further manifested.

Laboring and Giving
(Giving Money or Labor Time)
•Encourage each volunteer to recruit their friends, colleagues and community not only to become our prayer warriors, but also become our talent, and other sponsorships providers.
•Share the same vision with our colleagues. Humbly render our valuable and constructive suggestions to facilitate our work and to further manifest the union of God’s will and our wishes.

Joining Fee
(annual fee must be paid yearly to keep membership valid)

  • Local annual Fee : H.K. $50
  • Overseas annual Fee : U.S. $10

Membership Qualifications
(for membership consideration)

  • Members must have the consensus that “ Rely Neither on Medicine, Nor Self, but Christian Therapy .” is the only way to kick drug habit.
  • Sense of mission-compelled.
  • Willing to serve the drug addicts.
  • Willing to undertake any assigned task for OD.
  • Willing to work intimately & humbly with co-workers and patients.
  • Willing to follow guidelines and instructions given by the OD staff or co-workers.
  • Follow all the OD rules & instructions.
  • New members must receive a 1-2 hr orientation to get familiar with all OD’s rules and regulations.
  • For the sake of your health & safety during your voluntary service at OD, we highly encourage you to be covered by insurance.
  • There will be an annual get-together meal, fee and location to be announced.
  • Quarterly gazettes & monthly letters will be mailed to all F.O.O.D. members.
  • F.O.O.D. reserves all rights of this article.