This Centre was first established in Long Ke Wan, Saigon, in April 1968, providing a boarding faith-driven treatment and rehabilitation services to male drug abusers. With approval from the Hong Kong Government in 1976, the Centre was moved to Fo Tau Fan Chau, Saigon, and has continued to operate under the name “Dawn Island Gospel Addiction Treatment Centre” to this day. In July 2006, a South-Asian Ethnic Zone was officially set up on the Island, offering addiction treatment to South-Asian male students. With this, there are now three student groups on the island, namely, the Adult Group (aged 23 and above), the Youth Group (aged 22 and below), and the South-Asian Ethnic Group (for non-Chinese).


To guide our male students to recognize and accept Jesus as their Saviour, so that they will stay away from drugs with the help from Him, and their body and mind will be healed in a new life after going through these seven steps of life reshaping: 1. Reflection; 2. Recognition; 3. Decision; 4. Belief; 5. Obedience; 6. Practice; 7. Planning.

Meanwhile, the treatment itself is divided into four phases: 1. Detoxification (first to third months); 2. Believing & Struggling (fourth to sixth months); 3. Stabilizing in faith (seventh to ninth months); 4. Consolidation & Preparatory (tenth to twelfth months), where the last phase is to be introduced at Wong Tai Sin Halfway House.


  1. Male (both Chinese & non-Chinese) drug-dependent persons, alcoholics, and addicted smokers;
  2. No age limits;
  3. Willing to receive gospel treatment in a boarding facility, and to learn to acquire Christian faith;
  4. Deemed suitable for such treatment according to body check and overall evaluation.
  5. Holders of valid Hong Kong Identity Card, and with the right of abode in Hong Kong.

BOARDING PERIOD: Nine months or more.

CAPACITY: 60 students.


    Every day, students are required to read the Bible, pray, and participate in gatherings including worship  and fellowships, so as to get to know Jesus, grow in spiritual life, and undergo changes in life.
    Every day, students are assigned to different groups with different duties, including repair & maintenance; cooking; cleaning and gardening, so as to foster in them a positive work attitude, enhance their self-management capability, and develop the ability to live both independently and as part of a team.
    Every day, students have the chance to take up different courses on interpersonal relationships & communication, personal growth, adventure training, etc. Through such learning experience, they will better understand themselves, become more confident of their own value, and start to take a more positive view on life. In addition, students of the Youth Group are required to attend daily classes taught by registered teachers in the following general education subjects: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, and General Knowledge, preparing them for further education in mainstream schools in future.
    For vocational skills, we have training courses in swimming, lifesaving, electrical work, computer, first aid, plasterwork, hairdressing, cookery, etc. Besides cultivating a positive learning attitude in our students, we also ensure that they will each master a skill or two and be better prepared upon graduation whether they choose to resume working or take up more courses offered by the Employees Retraining Board.
    The daily timetable for students is split among work, classes, and recreation. According to their own interest, students can choose among different activities including fishing, soccer, chess games, jogging, guitar or piano playing, etc, to build up some healthy hobbies and hence will have a better quality of life.
    We regularly bring students out for activities in the community, including flag-selling, visiting Disneyland, Beat-drugs Cup football competition, and sharing of drug prevention information, which are effective ways to prepare our students for their return to society one day.
    Every month, each student is allowed to meet his family members once, as a platform for promoting mutual communication and improving the relationship between them.
    We also bring students to overseas Short Term Missions, during which they share in public their testimonies of how they have tripped and fallen at first and got saved eventually. This way students’ personal growth can be reinforced all the more.