Allelujah, Praise the LORD! Who guided me walking into the Light!

My name is Kwong Chi Yeung . I am 35 years old. We are a five – membered family-parents, two older brothers and me. Early in my secondary school days, I made friends with people from the underworld organization. Since then I loved loitering in computer game centres, table tennis rooms, Karaoke places. In order to be further identified with them, I began to smoke marijuana, take pills and drink cough drops to experience the hallucination and space – out highs. As I reached 18, I began to work in a travel agency as a tourist guide. Because of the hectic working schedule, I slowly distance myself from those underworld gangsters. Consequently, my drug abuse also stopped.

In the winter of 2001, I relapsed into my old bad habits again. One night , my co-workers and I went to Shenzhen disco joint to drink, to dance and to abuse drugs, and since that day I once again fell into the deep pit-non – stop drugging to allow myself to be sucked into the black hole of drug abuse. Even during on duty, escorting tourists into China and Thailand, I always kept drug supply available to me. The thought that I might be sentenced to death if I were caught possessing drugs never crossed my mind. The only thing worried me was “Do I have the drug supply for the next high?” In September 2008 my body, mind and soul began to show the telltale signs of wear and tear. In addition to the preceding – mentioned deteriorations, I also lost my goal in life which was drifting away aimlessly made performing daily routine impossible.

Both my mom and my elder brother are Christians, they sought out Operation Dawn for me and hoped that Christion belief could help me rid of the drug habit. On Oct 28, 2008 I was admitted to DI and on Nov 2, same year, through the prayer of OD’s evangelist Guo. I decided to follow Jesus’ footsteps for I discerned a group of former-addict-turned-staff and senior brothers often showered me with “love” & “care”. I know for sure these are the manifestations of God Himself from whom I could get my forgiveness for all my sins. As soon as I confessed my sins and vowed to accept Jesus as my savior, I can feel my sins have been completely forgiven. During my past 15 month’s stay on Dawn Island, I really pored over the Bible, fervently prayed, forcused my attention in classroom and worked hard. Externally I had done lots of spiritual deeds. Only God knew I did not totally rely on Him. You might say that I only trusted God in my mouth, not in my heart and soul. Sometime later, I had a quarrel with a brother over something minor, I was so outraged that I must leave the island right there, right then.

Due to my shallow belief, I immediately started smoking, drinking the same night after my departure from the island. Within one month, I abandoned my belief and went right back to my old habit. In May 2010 I returned to Dawn Island for Gospel Rehab. Once again, as soon as my body gained enough strength, I left again. This time I stayed only for 40 days.

After leaving DI, I continue working as an oversea tourist guide. Owing to my weak will power, I relapsed into the same old drug habit again. I magine in a foreign country, I overdosed my self in the airport restroom with Ketamine which rendered me delirious and disoriented, unable to help the tourists under my care to complete their boarding procedure. My supervising travel agency immediately arranged a substitute to take over my place and fired me on the very spot.

This was all God’s will. Because of His Grace, I did not serve any time in jail for the drug offense and better yet that drugs had not done a great deal of damage to my body. What came next was my third entry to DI in Feb. 2011 and it’s this time I truly met God. Up to that point, I had been living on the island for more than 3 years. Thank God, He never for soak me. Actually 6 months before my last entry. I had already talked it over with my elder brother concerning the pending departure. He patiently warned me “you must be accountable for whatever decision you make.” Than I prayed to God “If you deem that I can stand firm on my own, please grant me peace and joy, then I can go home in serenity.” God a;ways let me know I was by no means perfect. In the end I courageously completed a whole year’s rehab. Upon graduation, I opted to stay on the island to learn serving others.

At he end of Jul 2012 the time I truly met God. Somehow OD requested to transfer me from WTS to DI and that made me really angry especially I had no clue as to why this happened. At the moment I was notified, I really wanted to quit to show my displeasure. Luckily I had not forgotten the power of prayer. After praying and calming down my emotion and commotion, God let me know I was too self-centred and had not surrendered my sovereignty to Him. I repented and I learned the lessons of humility and obedience.

In Feb 2013 I went to Zhao Qing with Rev. Liu from US to bear the witness for God in a short-term mission. In March 2013 I was promoted to a co-worker, and in Feb 2014 to shunde short-term mission again. Praise God! He continuously broaden my spiritual horizon and further help me reconcile with my family members, and now I have good relationship with my family.

Thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to study God’s word and learn some basic counseling skills in the OD Bible Training Centre sponsored by OD. More than 2 years had I spent studying in the Centre with a hope to successfully graduate and then further my study in some seminary to equip myself with more theology training.

I often cited one Bible verse to serve as my constant reminder: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many grief’s.” (Itimothy 6:10 ) The root of my past 2 rehab failures was I loved material substance and monetary token too much and was worried by earthly trouble and sorrow and eventually my heart deviated from true Christian belief. Praise the LORD for allowing me to be constantly aware of your love and blessing and guiding me to live a bountiful life.