I was brought up in a middle-class family of four members leading a simple life. I did not do well at school and had to repeat Grade 8. I felt ashamed but my family did not understand me and even blamed me for that. I started to give myself up and make bad friends outside. Partly to get acceptance from these friends and partly out of curiosity, I started to take drugs. At first I only got involved with a couple of drugs, but later on turned to more species of drugs and for a bigger quantity each.

Drugs became all of my life, and not a day would pass, nor a nerve would respond, without them. I was like a puppet tied to drugs, or perhaps more like a walking corpse left with an empty body whose thoughts and actions were not self-controllable. Once I was arrested at a friend’s place for possession of drugs, and was sentenced by the court on a probation order for 18 months. I had not the least sense of regret, did not treasure this opportunity, and continued to consume drugs. I was ordered by the probation officer to reappear in court for a new sentence, but I did not show up that day and stayed with my drugs instead, thinking that as long as I did not leave Hong Kong through any check points, they would have no way of finding me. So no change on my part, except for ever increasing dosages. It did not matter even if no sleep or no food, but drugs were a must. The result: my mental condition was deteriorating. Once after taking drugs, I got the illusion that people in the street were doing things to hurt me. I got all mad, and started to do crazy things like shouting at people around me, rushing across roads in between cars, climbing over fences outside buildings more than ten storeys high, etc… At this point, I realized the harms that drugs had done me. I was frightened but helpless, frightened because I did not want to die from drugs, and helpless because there seemed to be no way out. In the end, as persuaded by my family, I surrendered myself to the court, and was sentenced to mandatory treatment at Hei Ling Chau Addiction Treatment Centre.

While at Hei Ling Chau, a group from some church visited us, singing hymns together and sharing testimonies with us. An ex-addict among them told us how Jesus had helped him quit drugs. I had doubt about the truth of believing in the Lord to get saved, but I really wanted to see some change in life. One of the sisters then prompted me to pray with her, by telling Jesus what was in my mind. I requested her to pray for me that my family would come and visit me. To my excitement and astonishment, my father, mother and younger brother appeared within 15 minutes of our prayers. This was the first time I had experienced the mightiness of God, and I began to be interested in Christian faith, and in getting to know God. I asked my family to look for an organization offering gospel-based addiction treatment, not only for me to get rid of drugs completely, but also to change or renew my life inside out. Finally, my younger brother found me Operation Dawn. Immediately after my release from Hei Ling Chau, I got admitted to the Girl Centre of Operation Dawn.

In the early days of my stay at the Girl Centre, I was worried about the new environment and the unfamiliar faces. But the sisters there were proactive in showing their care for me, and soon I felt warmth and love all around the place. After the adaptation period, an ex-student staff led me in a prayer expressing my decision to follow God, and several other sisters shared with me their experiences and testimonies. I was surprised at the work that God had done in them, work that had resulted in huge changes in their life. I felt the power of God, and wanted all the more to follow Him. The person that used to be me had had a very bad temper, doing things her own ways, and never bothering how other people would feel. After believing in the Lord, I became mild-tempered, and would care for and forgive others. For example, I would approach other sisters to understand their situations, and pray for their concerns and their growth in spiritual life, confident that God would help them and rid them of any worries. In the process, they would experience God as part of the development of their spiritual life. By now I have completed the one-year treatment at the Girl Centre, and have decided to stay behind to continue learning, and to commit myself to serving God in response to the great love from Him.

Relying on God, the relationship between me and my family has also improved greatly. We used to quarrel a lot at home, and I had never shown my concern for other family members, and had always behaved unreasonably. God guided me to the Girl Centre, and let me know Him and be changed by Him. When my parents witnessed the new life in me, they also wanted to find this real and living God. Now they have both decided to follow Jesus Christ, accepting Him as their Savior and the Lord of their life. They have been taking part in the activities of the Church, sharing the same faith, values and direction of life as mine. God has saved our family, a family now built on Christian teachings, mutual care and love and encouragement, as well as harmony of life.

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.” Acts 16:31