I came to Dawn Island on Aug 10, 2012. It has become like my second home since.

Before coming to the island I was addicted to heroin and lived my life without any hope and future. When I was young my parents put me in a hostel and they came to Hong Kong to work. So I missed that parental love and connection from childhood. Once I finished my school I went to The UK to join my parents where I did not feel at home as everything was new – new home, new country and new culture. Due to generation gap and no connection for long time I could not feel that sense of belonging at home with my parents. Therefore I started to make new friends at college and spent maximum time with them smoking and drinking. Soon I started doing drugs with them out of curiosity and to fit in the group and became addicted gradually. I started stealing money and other valuable things from home to feed my habit. I felt bad but I could not help myself.I did not care about my future and responsibilities. I tried to quit myself but failed. I got caught by the police and got warning but still I couldn’t straighten out my habit.I took prescribed medication as a substitute but still failed.

In 2011 I came to Hong Kong. My drug habit continued and I was losing my health, my youthful time, family relationships and friends. I felt hopeless and lost interest in living life. I did not see any meaning and purpose of my existence. I would scream and cry in the inside without showing it outside. I felt lonely and depressed. One day I got caught by the police with heroin in my pocket and I was asked to go to the court. I was afraid of going to jail or to any other correctional centre due to it harsh rules and treatment. So with the help of one ex-operation dawn brother I came to his rehab. It was the beginning of my new life.

The first week of withdrawal period was extremely painful but with the care and support from the brothers and staffs gave me courage. After a while I focused on the bible and started to understand more about life. I did not like to believe in any supernatural God as its not cool in our generation. But when I read about Christ’s love and his sacrifice to a hopeless person like me I could not ignore him anymore. After serious reflection and studies I found out that all human beings are looking for love that is selfless and unconditional which is only possible in God. We are never satisfied and fulfilled by humanly love thus we are always empty. I myself tried to find that love through my friends and would do all the things they did including taking drugs.I realized that drug addicts are love addicts and only God's love can cure us. In John 3:16 bible says "For God so love the world that He gives his only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life". I finally accepted him and I got new hope and energy to live this life again. I was not interested in taking drugs anymore nor did I feel the need to run after the crowd anymore. I was totally freed from drug addiction and at the same time fulfilled by Christ’s love.

During my stay I received classes to improve my confidence, adult life skills, Cantonese lessons, basic computer lessons and got chance to share my testimony in Australia short term-mission. I have been staying to learn more and help other Nepalese brothers like me. I thank God for everything and for giving me a second chance to live a meaningful life without drugs. I thank Operation Dawn for giving minorities in HK this opportunity to become new.