I was born in Nepal and spent my childhood there. I was naughty and without proper guidance. I came to Hong Kong in 2002 when I was around 18 years old with dreams of having a better future and life. But I soon fell into drugs, and my life was full of darkness. I struggled for 16 years in drug addiction. I have been in and out of prisons for 4 times and I tried to quit drugs several times in different rehab centers, but I failed. I also have a wife and 3 daughters, and they live in Yuen Long. I started taking drug just to have fun, enjoy it with friends and pass the time. But gradually I became selfish, disregarding my family. I did not listen to my parents and, nobody could control me.

Taking drugs not only affected me but also my whole family. After getting married, I thought I would be changed, but I was still the same. I was tired and hopeless. The more hopeless I became, the more I wanted to take drugs. I wasted all my good young days, my money, my health, my energy and time. I felt useless and depressed.

I could never find time for my family, and I was always busy either doing drugs or going to rehabs or prisons. I have 3 daughters, and I was in the prison all 3 times when they were born. I really needed to change, as my daughters were growing up and I was still a drug addict. I was in need of help.

Maybe it was God’s work and His voice that one day I had a desire deep inside my heart to go to rehab once again. Very soon I found a Christian brother who had quit drugs from this rehab center. After coming to Operation Dawn, I found that the environment here was different from the outside world. It was full of peace and beautiful nature to rest myself from my sinful and tiring life.

At first it was painful and I was sleepless, as we didn’t have medication here to help us quit drugs. But the staff members and senior brothers helped me by praying, counseling, massaging, and staying with me together during day and night. Slowly I heard about Jesus Christ and the way he sacrificed his life for all human beings as an act of love. I became interested in finding out more and more.

God’s love and His spirit touched my heart and I started to have a new hope growing deep inside me. I was seeing the light shining in my dark life. Soon, on March 12, 2017, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my savior. It was the beginning of my new life. Today, I can finally say that I am free from drugs. I don’t have desire to smoke cigarette, drink alcohol or take drugs anymore. My relationship with my family is getting better as well, and I am a happy person now. I am also working here to help other Nepalese brothers who face the same problem with me.

2 Corinthians 5:17“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

Finally, I wish to thank Operation Dawn for its part in my new life. And most importantly, I thank God for giving me this opportunity: a new life without drugs and a new hope.&nbspeach.