This book was penned by our founder, Rev. John Paul Chan, who solely set up the first gospel rehabilitation center "Operation Dawn" in Hong Kong. Upholding the principle of "no medication, nor personal contrivance, but full reliance on Jesus", Rev. Chan dedicated his whole life to serving drug addicts since the late 60's, helping them to achieve full recovery, both physically and spiritually. He fought the good fight all by himself and served as the rehabilitees' social worker, preacher, counselor and fund raiser all at the same time. Against hardship he never gave in, and he put his full trust in God's guidance. Though him, God blessed many lives, both the drug addicts and their families. This book gives witness to God's saving grace and power, and a vivid picture of the struggle and blessings Rev. Chan had been through on the way of developing the ministry of gospel rehabilitation.

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