Development of Our Service Units

Operation Dawn/ Operation Dawn Girl Centre/ Drug Addiction Treatment Service for Ethnic South-Asians

The development of Hong Kong Operation Dawn

當年,浪茄灣的戒毒中心因用地使用權問題而長期受皇家空軍侵擾,媒體亦有報導。當時不少教會人士對晨曦會的處境深表同情,在時任聖公會會督白約翰和禁毒專員利尚志等大力支持下,晨曦會覓得西貢的伙頭墳洲(時稱「火頭盤洲」)作為戒毒所搬遷的新址;1976 年10 月,政府正式批准晨曦會以此作永久會址,這美麗小島後來易名為「晨曦島」,名稱正是啟發自羅馬書13 章12 節之意。島上設施如碼頭、水井、軍營屋等都由晨曦會的弟兄們合力興建,而意想不到,當時英軍竟也派遣陸軍入島協助施工。


Operation Dawn Girl Centre From Inception To Development

Operation Dawn Girl Centre From Inception To Development In 1996, Reverend Paul Chan saw the need to provide gospel drug addiction treatment to female drug abusers. Constrained by shortage of financial resources, he could only spare a room on the top floor of our then Head Office on Prince Edward Road as temporary quarters for any female students enrolled with us. In the day time, these students were attended to by Chan himself along with staff from the Head Office. In the evening, several sisters who had to work in the day would come to help as volunteers, conducting Bible study and staying overnight with the students until the next morning.
In the beginning, there were only two students, which soon increased to seven. During holidays, our volunteers would bring them out camping and participating in adventure training activities. Through these exercises, their abilities to manage themselves and to deal with adversities and changes were greatly enhanced.


The Development of Drug Addiction Treatment Service for Ethnic South-Asians

The key objective of our services has always been to help drug abusers recognize and accept Jesus Christ, and rely on God to stay away from drugs. God’s love for mankind does not distinguish among different ethnic origins, and this we have always kept in mind in our effort to free abusers from addiction, to rebuild their life and family relationship, and to prepare them for reintegration into society.

All along, owing to shortage of resources on our part, there was no formal service catering to non-Chinese groups. Still, as early as 1992, Philippino Tomas Claudio was admitted to receive addiction treatment from us. We are grateful that after completing his treatment, he was willing to stay behind to learn to serve God and other rehabilitees. Looking back now, he has been with us for more than twenty years, and has become a valuable senior staff in our Organization.


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