Aftercare Services

Family Support

Operation Dawn puts much effort in providing family support to our students because we recognize how important restored family relationship is for our students to withstand the temptation of drugs. Many students have gone estranged with their family because of drug abuse in the past. Loneliess and bitterness is a catalyst of relapse for rehabilitees. Rebuilding trust and a loving relationship with family will give them emotional support to go through the whole rehabilitation treatment and start a new life.


Dawn Bible Training Centre

Operated by Operation Dawn, our Bible Training Centre serves our graduates (who have completed our 12-month treatment) by providing them with Bible study and theology courses if they are willing to stay in Operation Dawn to serve God. They work 5 days and attend classes for a day each week.


Social Enterprises

In 2015, we established 2 social enterprises, recruiting our graduates as full-time staff. Our graduates mostly earn their skills and professional qualifications from attending training courses provided here during their rehabilitation in Operation Dawn. By setting up social enterprises, we hope to offer our graduates jobs and new life opportunities so as to better prepare them for the future.

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