Family Support

Operation Dawn puts much effort in providing family support to our students because we recognize how important restored family relationship is for our students to withstand the temptation of drugs. Many students have gone estranged with their family because of drug abuse in the past. Loneliess and bitterness is a catalyst of relapse for rehabilitees. Rebuilding trust and a loving relationship with family will give them emotional support to go through the whole rehabilitation treatment and start a new life.

  • Our church partner, The Beautiful Gate Baptist Church: collaborating with a church, we provide our students and their families with pastoral care - Sunday service, fellowship, Sunday school, prayer meetings, which serve as a platform for their reconciliation.
  • Gatherings for students and families: meeting monthly, our social workers, counselors and pastors will share messages on relationship building.
  • Parents support groups: workshops and talks are regularly held to raise their anti-drug awareness and improve their communication skills.
  • Family visits: our pastors and former-addict staff members will regularly visit our students' families to share their rehab experience and give them emotional support.
  • Joshua Fellowship: weekly meetings are held for our graduates to give them spiritual support and keep them away from any relapse.