• On March 19, a crew from TVB (assigned by Home Affairs Bureau) visited our social enterprise Morning Star Motorcycle Limited for the making of their TV programme "SE Newbies On The Go". The episode, aired in May this year, explored how our motorcycle social enterprise business helped our graduates to adapt to the society.
  • 2 graduates, led by our General Secretary, went on a short term mission to San Francisco, U.S. from April 27 to May 9, sharing testimonials and messages as they traveled along.
  • On May 16, Social Welfare Department officially issued us a permanent license to operate Dawn Island Gospel Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre. All students on the Island moved in to the new residential buildings (namely, Carmel House and Living Spring House) on the same day.
  • 2017年6月5日舉行新宿舍大樓開幕典禮,邀得時任保安局局長黎楝國先生、時任保安局常任秘書長羅智光先生、禁毒專員陳詠雯女士等嘉賓蒞臨剪綵。新宿舍大樓獲禁毒處5千萬港元的資助,而晨曦會自籌 1千3百多萬港元。新宿舍大樓建立費用共6千3百多萬港元。
  • Apple Daily published the coverage of Operation Dawn on two consecutive days, July 4 & 5, which featured an interview of our General Secretary Mrs Lilian Yeh about her experience and struggle in the ministry of gospel rehabilitation, as well as the life testimonies of our student and staff member.